Websites for authors

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Websites for authors

Often authors don’t recognize the importance of having a website. They are focused on writing their book and are not busy with marketing and sales. But, readers do want to know more about the author and his books and therefore every author should have one.



Of course, it should contain all information about the author and his books; but, it also must provide ways to let him be in contact with his readers. Wouldn’t it be nice if he could mention when and where he would be available for autograph sessions, what nice event he intends to visit or tell his readers about the latest news, his research trips, events he has visited and his impressions about this.
Maybe an author would like to share pictures of his and his readers. It is a powerful marketing tool. Pictures always seem to prove something. Like people do read his books and therefore it must be good.
Maybe he want to use video messages to show his readers. It increases the involvement of his readers and removes barriers. By using this he shows openness and creates a connection with his readers.
Perhaps he is curious about the reactions of his readers. What do they think of his work? Would they recommend his books? Sometimes readers contribute to the next book.
Interacting with his audience also assumes that he should be able to customize his website.

Having a website is essential for an author but it has a price.



Marydes creates two types of websites for authors. The first one is the typical author site with all information about the author and his or her books. The second one is a site where your books get the most attention. What’s recommended when you write a series. Often readers are more familiar with the title of your book series instead of your name. Like you probably would search the internet for Harry Potter instead of J.K.Rowling.

The only difference between both types is the Home-page. In a book site, your books are moved to the Home-page and the author’s information is placed on another page. Most likely you also will have a different URL. Where an author site will have its name in the URL; a book site will have the name of the series in it.

With the limited budgets of indie authors in mind, we have created a formula that allows all of the above for an affordable price. In order to allow the author to make adjustments himself, we use the WordPress engine. It can be set to any server and is widely known for its user-friendliness. Then we created a template that allows flexibility. Text photos and banners can be easily customized and personalized. Our website can be easily expanded with additional pages and underlying tools such as statistics and SEO.

No need to worry, we provide a ready-made website which the author can use right away.  At the bottom of each page will be your name: “created by ….” and link.



We create a fully functional and responsive website, design and include all banners, and adapt all pictures. We add all text provided by the author or publishing service.

Following pages are standard included:

  • The author page, with all information about the author.
  • The book page: where all the information about his books has been brought together.
  • The events page: where the author can inform his readers about autograph sessions, book fairs, research trips and anything else he think is interesting for them.
  • The blog page, where he can share the latest news.
  • And the contact page where his readers can get in contact with him.

Besides this you can also buy following extra modules:

  • A picture gallery where the author can share pictures of events he has attended or research trip he has made.
  • A video gallery where he can share video messages with his readers.
  • And a review page where readers can leave him their reviews.



A website should be hosted somewhere. If the author already bought a hosting service which allows the use of WordPress, we can create his site there. Often, they don’t, and if his publisher does not provide such service, we can host his website as a subsite of for free, until he is ready to move it to another server.  This gives him the advantage of having a website that is immediately usable and worry about the hosting later.

However, as a publisher, you should think about offering such service. Most of the time it doesn’t cost you anything, because you make the author’s website a subsite of your website. In this way, you connect the author more strongly to your publishing house



Allow your authors to have their own website that they can easily maintain. Bind your authors to your publishing house and thereby gain a long and fruitful cooperation with them.
We will be happy to create these sites for you at affordable prices.


Take a look at following examples. Remember: if you order a website, all references to MaryDes or Authors & Books, will be replaced with your name, logo and links.

Author site:

Book site: