MaryDes – Strong arguments for working with us

Nov 11, 2017 by

MaryDes – Strong arguments for working with us

As a publisher, you can’t do without designers. You can limit yourself to creating a book cover, but nowadays your authors expect more service. Promo material for autograph sessions, marketing material for social media, own website and more. MaryDes can help you.

Delivering these services improves your position in the market but, it is usually too expensive to produce all this within your own company. Outsourcing these assignments usually means that you need to deal with several specialized designers and developers, which often obstructs a smooth service.





We are flexible

With MaryDes you have everything under one roof. Now you can offer full service to your authors and you only need to pay between 14 and 30 days after deliverance. Plenty of time for you to recuperate our cost from your author.

Whenever you need us, we will be available. We create all design work like book covers, posters, business cards, bookmarks, 3D mockups, social media banners, even specially developed websites for authors and book trailers.

We specialize in author designs. That’s why many other publishing companies have already chosen MaryDes as their designing partner. And because we work for companies all over the world, we are available 16 hours a day. That means we are flexible and thinking about your business.

Because we work only for authors, we know their needs and worries. That’s why we work fast and efficient with years of experience. We create hundreds of book covers designs every year. At a price where your company can still take a good profit margin.


We deliver art

All clipart and stock pictures we might use are included in our price and they are absolutely 100% royalty free. So you never need to worry about copyrights and royalties.

It also doesn’t matter how many of these pictures we use. We don’t deliver fast copy paste material, we deliver art. Top quality designs, created and supervised by our multi award winning designer.

We not only deliver astonishing designs, we pay attention to every detail and make sure each cover design is marketing friendly. We have an in-house marketing specialist who works together with our designers to make sure that every book cover design has elements in it that facilitate marketing.

So you see, you not only get a designer working for you, you’ll get a whole team backing you up for all your designs, web development and book trailer needs. Can you even imagine what a boost this can give to your publishing activities?


We boost your sales

But this is not all. We believe that by helping you to increase your sales will also increase our turnover. That is why we not only create designs for authors we also support our publishers in several ways.

We can offer you from time to time contact information of new authors. We get this information from a website which we have specially created for this purpose. On this website we will give you the possibility to introduce yourself and get another link to your site, which improves your site rankings too.

We can also give you free marketing designs like 3D mockups and social media banners to give to your authors. This will enhance your prestige and your authors will speak highly about your service.

So, working with MaryDes is not just us helping you out with your designing needs, but an interaction to our mutual benefit. We boost your sales, and get more design orders in return. It’s a win-win situation.

Wow, ever had such proposal before? Not likely.  That is why you should not hesitate. Contact us now, and we will be happy to work with you.